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Since 2001, we've used advanced scouting and statistics to generate expert fantasy football values, winning serious ca$h along the way.

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fflizard secret superflex values

Pro Tip: Early in drafts when it's your turn to nominate a player to auction off, nominate an expensive player that you DO NOT want to draft. Draining the budgets of your opponents is paramount in assembling the team you want at the price you want.

Pro Tip II: Do NOT rigidly adhere to these values. Actual values fluctuate wildly from draft to draft. Depending on the draft, paying over your value may end up being a great decision if players in a position or tier are being auctioned off at higher prices.

Pro Tip III: Make sure you get at least three RB/WR that when healthy, you'd start them every week regardless of matchup. This usually means you'll be be paying at least half of your budget on three players.

Bonus Tip: If you really like a guy, pay a few extra bucks, it makes the season more fun.

Good luck this season!

--The FFLiZard

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